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Lara Maccacheri was born on 17.07.70 in Ala di Trento. Since she was a child she demonstrated a remarkable talent in drawing and singing. Today she lives in Valeggio sul Mincio where she produces her own works.

When she was only 8 years old, she partecipated in a major national school competition organized by the town of Verona and won the first prize at Arena Scaligera.

Due to her strong and intense family tie and the great love for her country she decided to continue her studies at the Institute of Arts “N.Nani” in Verona. Finally she completed her studies at DAMS Academy of Arts in Bologna.

Afterwards Lara continued her growth as a craft artist attending many professional courses in painting and restoration, both in Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and abroad in England and Spain.

In the nineties Lara had important working relationships with several art workshops. In this period she improved the techniques of painting, in particular oilo and acrylic painting ( also on wood ), and realized many decorative drawings and sketches on ceramic, galss and textiles.

In this field she recorded her first professional successes working with some of the most important companies in the luxury furnishings such as Le Fablier and Babilonia and luxury fashion such as Yves Saint Laurent.
At the end of the last decade, Lara approached the fresco technique which is the best suited technique to her artistic soul.

During these years she partecipated to her first exibitions and international projects and her work were placed at private collectors and public institutions both in Italy and abroad.
(Milan, Mantova, Venice, Rome, Dubai, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt).

Thanks to a constant pursuit of perfection and the inspiration from the great artists of the ‘900, Lara Maccacheri constantly revises her artistic expression ranging in the different techniques with the unusual ability to move freely from abstract to figurative subjects. This great skill is higly appreciated by the critics and markets.

Through her works the artist raises human beauty and emotional conditions to a higher level



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